Lessons & Boarding

Full Board

Our horse handlers have many years of experience with ground work, and handle horses in a calm, safe manner.  Every boarder has told us that their horse’s ground manners and disposition have improved at Heron Creek Farm.

  • Top quality feed is customized for each horse.  Horses are fed am and pm every day, and checked for loose shoes, etc.
  • Excellent quality hay is given free choice when horses are stalled to minimize gastric issues.  To prevent colic from dietary changes, our hay is purchased in large quantities, and laboratory tested for nutritional values.
  • Stalls are cleaned thoroughly twice daily, and bedded with Swift Pick Mini Flake Bedding to minimize respiratory issues.
  • Manure is composted on site which reduces fly populations, and helps protect our waterways.
  • In the summer, ceiling fans in each stall and good ventilation keep horses cool, and reduces insects.
  • Turnout is in small groups, with safe, wood four board fencing, or Electro-braid.  Water in all pastures is checked daily, and cleaned regularly.
  • Ditches and fence lines are maintained regularly to reduce insects and pests.
  • Large tack closets are available in temperature controlled room.
  • Large ring with a full set of jumps has lighting, and well maintained stone dust footing that drains extremely well.

Every horse is treated with care at Heron Creek Farm.  Owner lives on site, and you can feel safe knowing your horse will be given the best care.  We have a quiet, safe environment for all levels.